Meet Our People

    Our humble leaders have been volunteering in their communities for many years, and they bring with them the ability to lead, to inspire and to pray for the those with needs without condescension or hidden agendas.


With over 100 years of volunteer experience among them, our leaders provide Winds of the Spirit Ministries Inc. with the inspiration and direction to keep it going and growing.

Rev. Sue Timm

President and Founder



Pastor Sue was ordained in 1994 through a Pentecostal denomination.  Her Lutheran backgrouond, however, gives her a unique perspective when it comes to ministering across denominational boundaries and to those without a belief or faith perspective.


Her first experience with Jesus Christ as her personal savior began in 1973.  She is a gentle and concerned leader with gifts of wisdom, words of knowledge, prophecy, miracle and healing anointings as well as many leadership skills.


Her joy is leading someone to Christ and watching the Holy Spirit do signs, wonders and miracles for people.  Seeing the hopelessly depressed and oppressed being transformed by the hand of an Almighty God!

Rev. Scott Knoke



Bio: Scott and his wife Kristy and family have supported Winds of the Spirit Ministries for close to 15 years.  Scott brings enthusiasm, structure and strength as well as prophetic gifts that add to the flow and direction of the ministry.

Rev. Judy Mahlstedt,                                                     

Reporting Treasurer


Bio: Judy and her husband Bob take care                           

of three handicapped ladies in their home. 

Judy has been an active Treasurer and help

in various areas of the ministry for the past

five years.  She brings gifts of service, wisdom,

common sense, integrity and mercy that are

invaluable when dealing with various needs

of the ministry.

Jeanette Muenchow, Asst. Treasurer


Bio:  Jeanette is married to husband Dan and has two married children and 2 grandchildren.